My town Negotino

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The municipality of Negotino is spread on an area of 421 sq. km. It is situated in the central part of the Republic of Macedonia, in the region of the middle Povardarie on the both banks of the river Vardar. The motorway M-1 (Skopje—Thessalonici) leads through tne Municipality.

Negotino flag

Negotino flag

The population of Municipaloty of Negotino is 19.212, out of wich 13.500 inhabitans live in the town which is an administrative centre of the Municipality and 5.500 inhabitants live in 12 rural settlements.
Negotino is located on an average altitude of 150 meters, with an equable—continental climate, with mild and rainy winters and hot and dry summers. Our distinctive feature is the grades that makes us famous and the high quality wine and grape brandy represent this region.
The name Negotino is Slavonisized name of the antique settlement ANTIGONEA. It was founded bu the Macedonian emperor Antigon Gonat in the 3rd century BC. Antigonea had been on-the-way stop on Via Ignacia. Today’s town Negotino is founded in the middle age as a craft’s settlement.
Cultural and Tourist Sights

The Monastery of St. George is built by the inhabitants of Negotino in 1860 in the locality of Crkvishte. The Monastery holds its own celebration on the religious holiday The Nativity of the Virgin and iut starts on the 20th of September with the famous “Monastery Evening”.
The Church of St.Atanisj was built in the first half of the 19th century. Its patron holiday is on the 31 od January according to the Julian calendar.
A recognizable building from the 19 century is the “Clock Tower” built in 1821, and also a mosque and a bezisten were built.
Through the scientific research projects, the Museum increased its collection of archeological and ethnological exhibits. Today a bigger part of these exhibits are preserved and exhibited in the permanent museum staging of the Museum of Negotino, thus being available to the wider scientific publicity and the visitors of the Museum.
With the help of an Italian donation and financial means provided by the Municipality of Negotino and cooperation with Tikves Wine Route Foundation, an annex to the Museum of Negotino was built with its special part “Museum of the wine” which is the first museum of that kind on the Balkans.
Very near by Negotino it was proved that the locality represents a settlement (an acropolis) with an area of 3 hectares. The settlement is entirely surrounded by bulwark. The front door of the acropolis is ascertained and the three time periods referring to the settlement are defined as Macedonian, Hellenistic and Roman.
Old crafts
Pottery is one of the oldest crafts that still exist in the Municipaluity of Negotino. The pottery products have a wide use in the floriculture and specially in the catering industry while serving traditional food and beverages.
There are lot of young people who pass into the workshop “Old crafts” in Negotino and who inherit the secrets of wood-carving. They take part in different exhibitions, fair and other manifestations.


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